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Tempar Produces Gas Oven Burners for the White Goods Sector

Tempar Produces Gas Oven Burners for the White Goods Sector

Participating in HEFI, which will be held in the halls no.9 and no.10 in Istanbul Expo Center on 21-24 June 2018, Tempar meets the needs of the gas oven users and oven producers by supplying burners. Stating that the exhibition will constitute a socializing platform for both the suppliers and main producers, General Manager Mehmet Kekeç has answered our questions.

SUBCONTURKEY: Could you introduce your company briefly?

Mehmet Kekeç: Established in Kayseri Free Zone, our company focuses on producing gas oven burners in the field of white goods subsidiary industry with the experienced staff. Our company meets the needs of the gas oven users and oven producers by supplying burners.

The company supplies burner components directly or indirectly to the foreign markets using gas in ovens and other cookers.

Considering the needs of the end users and international standards in its unique and patent designs, the company develops and produces safe and efficient burners. Oven production processes regarded and improvements and developments are made consistently to ensure the easiness in assembly.

Thanks to the moulding department established within the scope of the company, quick and flexible actions are taken for the demands of the customers. Utilizing the advantage in the free zone that our country is close to all the markets thanks to its central location, our company conducts its development in the foreign markets with completely domestic sources.

SUBCONTURKEY: You will participate in HEFI 2018. What is the aim of your participation? What do you expect from the exhibition?

Mehmet Kekeç: Our company is comparatively young. It is recognized by the domestic producers. It is the truth that this recognition needs to be developed in accordance with the product and service quality. We believe participating in the exhibitions is essential to be known more by the target market in the national and global base of the sector, and to make our quality level recognized more by the customers. The information pollution and confusion in the Internet environment make it difficult for the purchasing units to focus on the right supplier. The effect of meeting face to face and touching the product cannot be underestimated. As a result, we have aimed at participating in the exhibition.


SUBCONTURKEY: Could you evaluate the importance of the exhibition for the sector?

Mehmet Kekeç: There is a Turkish saying that the one seen with the eye cannot be corrected by the one heard with the ear. One of the most efficient methods for sticking in the mind is to let the brain make a visual record. In this sense, the concrete sources, which people can touch instead of forcing their imagination, will not only make people save time but also minimize making mistakes. The exhibitions are a center for sharing information to reach the right supplier and customer. The shortest way of increasing the information resources is to share them. The establishments and sectors operating the information sharing in a correct and efficient way have become successful. The fact that Internet develops and becomes widespread has contributed to the information sharing considerably; however, it will never be able to take the place of one-to-one contact. In this regard, the exhibitions will continue to be needed as well as the production and trade exist.

SUBCONTURKEY: Could you evaluate the contribution of HEFI 2018 to Turkey and the sector?

Mehmet Kekeç: We are hopeful for HEFI, and we believe we will make a parallel achievement with our expectations from the exhibition. We think this exhibition will create a socializing platform in the base of both suppliers and main producers. We expect that the duration of the delay of the exhibition will be utilized well in terms of preparation and advertising. A refreshing opportunity could be utilized regarding the subsidiary industry exhibition. It could carry a meaning of becoming new lifeblood for the gathering process of the people in the sector.


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